A Comprehensive Prayer Formula
Tiada Stok



Kod Buku

TBBK 1127

Tarikh Terbit

Oct, 2009

Jumlah Muka Surat



This book is published to invite the readers to reflect upon the hadith of the Prophet SAW in which he says, “Pray as you have seen me praying” while giving precedence to the interpretations of evidences by the Shafi`I scholars. In addition, the opinions of other schools of thought are also analyzed and benefited from wherever pertinent. * Motivate the Muslims to perform prayer in the best manner possible by perfecting its pillars and Sunnah acts as well as observing its conditions, through learning and understanding the evidences. * Deepen the relationship with prayer by pondering upon the recitations of the prayer and its movements in perfecting the prayer internally. * Enhance the understanding of the Muslims on the matters that inhibit the presence of khushu` in prayer, especially from among the major sins. * Improve the knowledge of this act of worship which we are commanded to perform five times every single day until our last breath. (This book is basically an English version of "Formula Solat Sempura" by Ustaz Zaharuddin Abd. Rahman)